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The True Cost of Passing on Digital

taken aback when taking a step

If you’ve explored the option of digitizing your business or enlisting professional services to help you manage and interpret your online activity you may have experienced a little sticker shock.


We know. We know.

Depending on what it is you’re trying to accomplish, the price of professional help can seem prohibitive to many business owners. Especially if you’re a very lean startup, cash-strapped from stagnant growth, or in need of an entire suite because you launched without professional elements for your business – it can feel like a better bet to just not get involved with digitizing your business at all.

While many businesses may not be performing to their potential, many do well enough to keep the doors open and for some owners, it’s easier and seems less expensive to continue on with things as they are than it is to wrangle with technology.

And we get that.

We contend though, that investments that you make in technology to upgrade your business, are certainly less than the loss to inefficiency, ineffectiveness and invisibility.

We always talk about what it takes to go digital. Let’s talk about how it costs you when you pass on it.

Investments that you make in technology to upgrade your business, are certainly less than the loss to inefficiency, ineffectiveness and invisibility.

1st cost


Creating impressionable customer experiences is an important key to business success. With so many options, businesses use the way they interact and provide services to customers as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. The internet and digital platforms enhance traditional practices and allow you to interact in more creative and interesting ways. Imagine all of the people you aren’t able to attract because compared to the competition, your customer experience is underwhelming and easy to forget.

2nd Sacrifice


With an 88% penetration of active online users, there’s a good chance your customers are online. Choosing to forego meeting them where they’re at, means that you forego being visible in their everyday spaces. It also means you have to take additional steps to get them to come to YOU. If they can’t see you in their everyday spaces, it’s very easy to forget about you; especially if they’re seeing and interacting with your competition regularly. Choosing to skip or skimp out on developing an effective online presence that improves your visibility means that you may be completely unknown to a considerable number of people that would love to do business with you. Also, have you checked the price of traditional marketing today? Imagine investing cash into an inefficient and ineffective strategy and then STILL having to pay for the right help later on top of time lost in going down the wrong road.

3rd loss


With so many people turning to the internet to do their research, (it’s the #1 reason Bahamians used the internet in 2021 source: it only makes sense to have a professional presence that provides information and gives people access to your services. You can leave money on the table and cost your company multiple zeroes because you’re not in the position to make a sale, satisfy a curiosity or answer a pre-sale question at your customer’s convenience. Imagine how many businesses have customers for life because they were accessible and functional through their online platforms during the pandemic!

Having a hard time digitizing?? Let's talk

If you had considered digital tools and experiences are right for your business but feel stuck or frustrated, we should talk before you decide to forego upgrading. Send us a message and tell us more about what you're trying to accomplish.

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