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A legacy of style and quality.

The Winnie Brand is a Bahamian medical apparel brand that prioritizes fit, quality and style in honor of the founder's family matriarch.


The Winnie Brand




Website Redesign, eCommerce Optimization, Data Population

Dannia has worked in the medical field for over a decade and she recently launched a line of medical apparel in honor of her late grandmother. The company has grown and she reached out to a company to establish an eCommerce website. 

Unsatisfied with the progress of the original project, she was referred to us by an existing client to redesign her online store.

Dannia, a dedicated entrepreneur in the medical apparel niche, faced the complexities of running a retail business single-handedly. Managing inventory, tracking sales, customer data, processing orders, and ensuring timely fulfillment and deliveries was a challenging juggling act. The demand in her business had grown to create a bottleneck, hindering further growth and efficiency.

Dannia wanted to relieve some of the pressure at the bottleneck by moving away from manual management. She wanted a website that not only reflected her brand and told its story, but was a fully functioning eCommerce solution that would manage customer information, orders, inventory and deliveries in one place. She needs to streamline her sales, order management and fulfillment process so that she could maintain her service standards and enjoy a better work/life balance. 

The results of this project are a testament to the power of technology in enhancing business operations. The redesigned website is not just a digital storefront; it's a platform for seamless transactions, allowing our Starfish to effortlessly manage inventory, sales, customer information, orders, fulfillment, and deliveries, all as a solo entrepreneur.

This transformation empowered our client to focus on expanding her product line, marketing her brand, and delivering exceptional customer service. The optimized website serves as the cornerstone of her growth, attracting new customers and retaining loyal ones.

Small & Powerful

In the world of online retail, efficiency and user-friendliness are paramount. This collaboration with our client, ambitious solo entrepreneur, encompassed a comprehensive website redesign, creative direction, and meticulous inventory and data management to empower her e-commerce journey.

We reimagined the way the brand's visual identity was incorporated to convey trust, reliability, and quality. This blend of medical precision and fashion sensibility that defines the brand can be forefront, resonating with healthcare professionals and medical students alike. The website features a clean, intuitive user interface, simplified navigation, encouraging seamless browsing and purchasing.

Wooed by Woo

Inventory management is streamlined and integrated and tracks stock levels in real-time to ensure the client never faces stock issues. Additionally, we implemented a secure customer database, simplifying the tracking of individual preferences and purchase history. Order processing and fulfillment needed to become an efficient, automated process so she can focus on her customers and her own life.

This project empowered Dannia to focus on expanding her product line, marketing her brand, and delivering exceptional customer service. The optimized website supports her growth, helping to not only attract new customers, but retain loyal ones.

The Final Impression

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