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A brand for freelanceexcellence.

The Business Assistant provides professional services for clients who don't have access to internal HR and administrative resources.


The Business Assistant




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Danielle is a community-minded individual who has been providing professional services to small businesses that lack the resources for over a decade. The company provides professional documentation services, limited compliance services, business plan development and startup consultation services.

Over time, her freelance company has grown to a professionally established company and she is ready for the brand to reflect that growth.

Danielle wanted to replace her DIY logo with one that better reflected her company's brand and was better suited for promotional use.

She wants to be able to use her logo for high quality promotional initiatives, use on online platforms and printing. 

The brand redesign project has transformed our client's image. They now embody professionalism and class, traits that resonate deeply with their target audience of small business owners. The new logo, brand colors, and marketing materials have allowed them to convey their commitment to excellence and the support they offer to small businesses.

This successful brand redesign has positioned our client as a trusted partner for small businesses in need of professional services. The impact is not merely visual; it's a testament to the potential of a thoughtfully crafted brand to inspire trust, attract clientele, and elevate an entire enterprise.

Small & Powerful

Danielle is a proficient small business service provider who sought to stand out in a crowded market. She is passionate about assisting small businesses, often limited in resources and talent, to flourish. The existing brand lacked the sophistication and resonance required to connect with her target audience effectively. This was a sharp contrast to the professional standards and services provided by her company. She wants to create a brand identity that radiates professionalism, class, and her unwavering commitment to her clients.


Clean Design.

This logo is simple, professional and feminine and adds a fluid touch to any crisp corporate environment.

We are proud to have played a part in this transformation, and we look forward to continuing our journey with The Business Assistant as they empower small businesses to reach new heights.

The Final Impression

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