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The fun side of island life.

Bahamamara is a fun-sprited travel and experience brand that brings local Bahamian people, nightlife, lifestyle and culture to a world stage.





WordPress, eCommerce, Tour Booking, Event Calendar

Maradona Tinker, founder of BahamaMara, is the proverbial millennial island girl if there ever was one! With over eight years’ experience of being an Airbnb host, she has segued into an Entertainment Concierge hosting curated tours and visitor experiences in Eleuthera.

She has designed a number of unique tours, hosts private events, sells digital guides and sings! She needed a website as dynamic as she is to manage the different arms of her business.


Maradona wanted to create an online presence for Bahamamara that mirrored her high-spirited, fun-loving and colorful energy, allowed her to create engaging and well-documented tour packages as well as managed her bookings , client information and payments. She also planned to manage the website after it was launched and needed training on how to do that.

We were happy to oblige.

We had the pleasure of creating a dynamic and engaging WordPress website for Bahamamara, an entertainment concierge and tour company. This website was meticulously designed and developed to serve as a comprehensive hub for promoting events, selling digital guides, showcasing tours and services, managing bookings, and accepting secure payments.

This website has not only transformed their online presence but has also yielded tangible results:

  • Increased user engagement with event promotions.
  • An avenue for digital guide sales.
  • Enhanced brand visibility and credibility.
  • Streamlined booking management, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Secure, hassle-free payment processing.

Island Accessibility

Bahamamara set itself apart from other small tour companies by establishing an online presence that not only promoted her businesses. but had a functional booking system and event calendar that she used to promote her activities.

It's not common for smaller tour and experience companies on the island to invest the time and effort into content creation and development, storytelling and convenient and secure booking. Bahamamara is able to capture the attention and bookings of visitors to the island as they plan their trip as opposed to trying to convince them to fit her into their schedule once they've arrived.

Responsive Design.

The website is fully responsive, offering a seamless experience across various devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

Event Calendar

The website boasts a vibrant and visually captivating events calendar. It not only highlights upcoming events but also provides detailed event information and enticing visuals.

Tour Showcase & Booking

We crafted dedicated pages to showcase the concierge's wide range of entertainment services and tours. A user-friendly booking system was integrated, simplifying the reservation process for clients.

Digital Guide Sales

Bahamamara's digital guides, packed with insider tips and recommendations, are now easily accessible and purchasable directly from the website. This provides an additional revenue stream while offering valuable content to users.

We're proud to have partnered with Bahamamara to create a WordPress website that serves as a powerful tool for their entertainment concierge and tour business. This project exemplifies how a well-crafted digital platform can drive growth, boost revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction in a competitive industry.

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