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Participate Effectively in Today's Markets

Technology to Improve Business Performance

We are a boutique consultancy specializing in providing creative solutions using technology to transform your business. We connect clients with the knowledge, strategy, tools, training and support they need to perform and grow in existing and new markets.

Thinking about digital solutions?

Speak with a professional to get actionable feedback on your ideas for your business and overall readiness.

solutions to power your "smart" business

Creative solutions & strategies that transform your customer, team and management experience

For businesses that are ready to position their company to improve workflow, centralize operations, collect valuable data, improve customer relations and communication, automate repetitive processes and facilitate eCommerce.

We work with businesses that want to get better results from their established presence or existing technology. We're their partner in the process to reevaluate or reimagine their brand or digital strategy, or optimize the use of their existing tools, systems and platforms.

our services

Digitizing the Caribbean through cultural insight, strategic vision, and innovation.

Advisory Services

Your partners in transformation, optimization innovation & growth.

Business Systems

Close the gaps in your business with reliable systems for specific needs.


Equip yourself with the tools and training to manage your SMART business

Small Biz Subscriptions

Resources & subscription-based tools to make a big impact with a small business.

5Our Clients are obsessed heavily invested in the success of their business. We focus on delivering superior value with our innovative solutions that rock their world comprehensively solve their problems.

our service models

We offer flexible service models to suit businesses with different needs and resources.


We offer training and developmental resources to support modern business practices through StarfishU. 

EXAMPLES: Workshops, Webinars, Workbooks, Templates

Best for: Freelancers, DIYpreneurs, Committed Hustlers


Sophisticated tech solutions are now available on a small business budget through the introduction of our new subscription services.

examples: Food Ordering, Service Booking, Product & Business Planning

best for: Micro-businesses, Solopreneurs, Virtual Businesses 


We structure our projects to be collaborative, but turnkey so that your problems are the only things disrupted by your transformation.

examples: Web Development, Integration, Enterprise Management 

best for: Corporate Entities, Multi-branch Businesses

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